About Yogasmart

We believe…

Yoga is an art…and within it, a divine intelligence that has the ability to transform lives. Yogasmart has combined the art and wisdom rooted in a long lineage of gurus and masters to develop a unique fusion of powerful and fun programs and classes.   We share our passion with enthusiasm, patience and practical knowledge to offer the cutting edge in wellness practices for southern Orange County. People of every age and stage, experience far-reaching benefits in spiritual growth and well-being.


What brings each person to yoga is unique…
    Simply, a curiosity and willingness to experience something new.
    Building a healthy lifestyle and self-esteem for the whole family.
    Relieving tension and finding relaxation in the midst of everyday “busyness” and stress.
    Healing, lasting recovery from injuries and serious neck and back pain.
    Deep spiritual growth through meditation, awareness and a mind-body connection.

The benefit of including yoga in your lifestyle is that it can be all of this…and so much more! The journey begins with a simple step towards health and well-being. With each class, a deep transformation starts to take place that is personal and meaningful.


You’ll feel a surprising difference after your very first class.


Our Style

We begin with a classical foundation. It’s more than poses and breathing. These ancient teachings, passed through generations, lead the student on a path to mindful wellness. At Yogasmart we offer the WHOLE experience of yoga—unfiltered and undiluted.

Our events and classes attract a like-minded community. The result? We’ve created a fun and supportive environment that integrates these ancient practices with solutions that respond to a modern society.


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Meet Christine

Christine Taylor founded Yogasmart to share her passion for the art and wisdom of Rāja Yoga, also known as Classical yoga or Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar Yoga. Christine is grateful for her lifelong interest in health and fitness that led her to a Vinyasa flow yoga class for the first time in 1997. It changed her life, substantially preparing her for a huge health challenge—a serious car accident that left her with a traumatic back injury in 2003. When traditional medicine failed to provide a solution, Christine began her healing journey with the help of yoga, Rolfing, meditation, sound healing and Tai Chi. Beyond recovery, Christine was blessed with so much more…a deep sense of health and well-being—something every person deserves. Christine completed her teacher training with Olivia Barry and David Swenson at YogaWorks in Orange County, California.

Special namasté to Christine’s root teachers…

Itay Dollinger, Laguna Yoga Shala Teacher Training/Apprenticeship, completed 2015
• Olivia Barry, YogaWorks RYT 200-Hr. Teacher Training, completed 2012
 David Swenson, Ashtanga Teacher Training, completed 2002
 Diana Christinson, Authorized Ashtanga Teacher, Director of Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala
 Diane Mandle, Sound Healing Teacher

• Steven S. Sadleir, Self Awareness Institute Certified Master Instructor / Meditation Teacher Training, completed 2007
 James T. Smith, Meditation Teacher & Mentor
 Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, root guru to Steven Sadleir & James T. Smith
 Siddha Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, root guru to Steven Sadleir & James T. Smith


Our Classes

We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private, semi-private and group classes. Corporate memberships and group discounts are available.

Flow Yoga

Vinyasa-based class that synchronizes breath with movement to increase flexibility, coordination, and strength. Important principles are emphasized. More of a beginning-to-intermediate level class depending on location.

Gentle Yoga
A peaceful approach that emphasizes the use of breath to relax and calm the body. Improving flexibility and learning proper use of the core are also important components of the class. Beginning and advanced students are welcome.

A 30-minute opportunity to experience Shaktipat meditation, a third eye-centric style rooted in lineages that are thousands of years old. Shaktipat facilitates the awakening of consciousness by inviting the student into an awareness of the energy that is in us and around us at all times. A very relaxing and easy-to-learn approach.

The best of both worlds! Improve your flexibility, stamina, circulation, and coordination through Pilates and yoga. All levels are welcome. Pilates supports whole-body movement, a perfect complement to yoga’s more meditative exploration of poses and their transitions.

A combination class stressing cardiovascular, Pilate’s, cross-fit and boot camp movements that create a trim, toned physique.  Develop flexibility, lean endurance muscle, balance and strength.

Strength Training
Get stronger today! A great counterpart to individual strength training. Improves flexibility and circulation. A variety of methods are used to support healthy muscle development. Currently offered as private and semi-private sessions only.

Yoga Fundamentals
Anyone new to yoga or wanting a more instructive experience will enjoy this class. Learn the basics of yoga along with some stretching, alignment and light flow sequencing. Promotes a healthier back while providing a great intro to any flow-based yoga system.

*All classes are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted.

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